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    Default TRing my pally,torn for gear.

    TRing from Horc THF pally to Helf TWF pally.
    KoTC,20 pally

    Gearing for max DPS,torn between new and old..abishai or PDK set.
    Tear it apart as much as you want.
    Right now thinking

    Head : Either E helm of frost or PDK
    Neck : Shintao/ GS /E golden guile (if I ever loot that dang shard)
    Trinket : Focus of insight str +3
    Cloak : Probably some greensteel HP Heavy fort,cloak of the wolf just isn't enough to make me overcome my hatred of challenges,feel free to point something I mighta forgot
    Belt : Lorinthor's / Ravager depending on what I run
    Ring1 Lorinthor / Ravager
    Ring2 : Shintao until (if) I make Chitin into set ( Raid is well...excrutiatingly boring)
    Boots : E corrosion boots?
    Gloves : E Charged gauntlet,just don't see the PDK +4 from set beat this..
    Bracers : Probably keep my fabricator's,feel free to suggest better
    Armor : Terrorweb chitin +8 STR

    Gonna be swinging drow khopeshes or some DR breaker or another.

    Help rewarded with free tickets to drow strippers wrestling in jello.
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    actually with mabar around the corner, i'd be thinking about the mabar cloak tbh, it's fairly nice
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    Head : E Frost
    Neck : Shintao
    Trinket : Focus of insight str +3
    Cloak : E Envenomed
    Belt : Lorinthor's / Ravager depending on what I run (I use Knosts)
    Ring1 Lorinthor / Ravager (yup, encrusted)
    Ring2 : Shintao
    Boots : E Corrosion
    Gloves : E Claw
    Bracers : E Claw
    Armor : Comaryian Red Dragonscale
    Goggles: GS hp/Tharnes

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