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    Default Templar---Looking for new members

    Like to have fun? Like to run end-game? Like to be surrounded by like-minded souls?

    If the answer is Yes, to all or only one; then hit us up!

    What we believe:

    1) We believe in helping each other out in our guild, and friends alike
    2) We believe in having fun when doing the above
    3) And Yes, we believe in smack talking at times (for some of us, more often than others)

    What we stand for:

    1) We stand for what is right, its never right to do the wrong thing and never wrong to do the right thing!
    2) Your loot is your loot, pass it, eat it, leave it in the chest; we don't care, just don't proxy roll and/or sell it
    3) We stand up for each other, but sometimes in doing so, we have to correct certain actions

    For those that know the core group of Templar know this: We are still smack talkers at times, always looking for good groups and running EE Raids etc. We are whom we are, but through some introspection; different yet the same!

    For those that don't: See above!

    If you are interested in joining Templar:

    1) run with an officer of the guild or be knownst to us
    2) go into it with an open mind, and sometimes thick skin
    3) contribute and not only look out for yourself
    4) have fun

    Hit me up if you are interested, or other members/officers and we can run some things to get to know each other; if we already don't!
    Krylor----Lauralinn----Thorriin----Hunii----Ciinder----Holdiin----Leader of Templar on Cannith

    " You are not only yourself but everyone and everything around you!"

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    Default Muhahahahha

    I had to double check the date ... check ... not april yet.

    So confused ... go away for two months and come back to this?

    Same guildies are all there .... has someone nice hacked all our accounts?

    so so confused.
    Flashious, Slashious, Bashious, Delushous, SifuTam Toustious, Sneakious
    Officer - Templar - Cannith

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    Power out till monday or later......
    ya it's gonna be a while before i can play with you all again :/
    Officer Of Templar - Now Recruiting
    KennyBurns - Electric Savant DPS~ KennyFails The Completionist - Rogue Stick Life 15/15 Completionist ~ KennyHeals - Fvs Healer~ KennyRanges - TWF Manyshoot Of Cannith

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    Default open recruiting

    Templar is currently open recruiting. Hit a officer up in game just send a tell to a member for contact info.

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    Post Open Recruiting Policy? Interesting.

    From what i've read i like the general of idea of this and look forward to running with many of you new and old alike. Figured i would drop in to say I'M BACK! o/

    Shadowhaze-Righteouss-Technological Warfare-Lightes.
    Fear is the enemy of logic-Frank Sinatra

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