07 October, 2012 - Issue 7

Welcome to yet another installment of the Silver Legion Periodical. We present for your approval Volume 1 Issue #7.
Come one, Come all! In this issue you will meet more of our intrepid crew. As always we hope you enjoy this sneek peak into the antics of the Silver Legion and its members.
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Hello All,

So it's been a little over a month since the last Silver Legion Periodical, and what a month it's been! For most of us a little farther away from the equatorials the weather is beginning to shift to the cooler side, with the usual brilliant display of foliage; the kids are back in school; and we get get a wee bit less daylight everyday. On the other hand, some things remain the same; the Kobolds in the Waterworks still hate us; DDO drops some more random contradictory loot; and Elyzia's personal quest still continues.

So, please join us as we regail with our stories of misadventure and epic fun-ness!

Jinguizu, The Silver Legion Guild Leader
~ Mistindantacles, Guild Medieval DDO Realm Leader

The Silver Legion's airship seen flying high above, whisking our guild members off to distant destinations in search of adventure, fame, and glorious loot!

This is Procella's Happy Shroud Face, I especially like the top hat.
Now if that's a happy face don't make her mad, she might eat your brains!

Yes indeed, the Silver Legion is a family friendly kind of place. Check out our very own mother daughter team Tamberlyn & Dreamae - see the resemblance?

Who needs Thor when you have Germy and his Portal Beaters of Squeak?

I´m not sure who is Dr. Jekyll and who is Mr. Hyde here It would appear that Medunka and Dreamae share a secret. Is there a cure for split personalities in the DDO world?

Axkill's Shroud Face
Maybe his beard is braided too tight which is why he never smiles.
Really? I think he rather looks like Batman's sidekick Robin and thats why he looks a little cranky. See that guy in the background? Yeah, he looks like the Joker
and he's sneaking up on Axkill because, well he looks like Robin!

This is Thalkon, Showing off his new "Precious." He was able to get it on his first run through the Servants of the Overlord and with a Pug group to boot.
"I immediately made a run into the Orchard of the Macabre to test it (with a Chesire cat grin on my face), and I can see why it is highly sought after."

A happy guildmate and his newly acquired toy. "This is the awesome weapon Golemchef gave to me."

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the best looking of them all?
This is the Xorian Cipher Flexfest. We can't seem to take these guys anywhere. They call themselves "Team Good looking." It's amazing that we get anything accomplished,
just look at the evidence. They can't pass a mirror anywhere without gazing into it and admiring themselves. What a bunch of cut ups, lol.

A very strange weapon. This is what happens when Dwarven Ale becomes part of the crafting recipe.
I don't think we should allow wizards and artificers to perform unsupervised experiments on weapons any more.

Fearfully the apprentice bore the soon to be accursed items to her master. Slime, and things worse than slime, sucked and slapped beneath her feet as she approached the pitted iron door at the base of the stairs. She did not knock, she was expected, and interruptions of any kind enraged the master when he was at work. Few entered the laboratory of their own will in any case.
Inside the stench was almost palpable, a living thing that scorched her throat and nostrils, ripped at her lungs. The master had his back to her, his tall, emaciated form hunched over a complicated array of glass tubes, crystal vials, and pale, flickering flames. The apprentice placed the item she bore on the scarred wooden table beside him. Black eyes examined the muddy pair of soft leather boots, fresh from the grave of one of Eberron’s less fortunate adventurers. “Perfect, my dear.” the mellifluous voice so incongruous with the skeletal form relaxed the apprentice somewhat although she still took a prudent step back as the master began the final stages of the operation.
The master placed the boots in a shallow tray of rank looking fluid and covered them with a glass dome. A flexible tube of dubious providence connected dome and apparatus as the master adjusted various valves and stopcocks. The flames intensified, substances sizzled, bubbled and congealed while fumes and vapours flowed into the glass dome where they penetrated and permeated the muddy boots. An hour or more passed, the master all the while overseeing and manipulating his infernal machine, occasionally aided by his apprentice, occasionally even deigning to offer some instruction in the arts that she would someday command.
As the process continued the air in the candlelit dungeon cleared somewhat and finally returned its normal, not unpleasant, herbal mustiness. The boots which had been a muddy, nondescript brown now shone with a sinister green lustre. The apprentice wondered dubiously at their utility but the master seemed pleased and no doubt the dungeon masters would find a use for this latest abomination.

Has Bust been conducting magical experiments on Buster?
Is there more to him than meets the eye?

After a Very long shift of grinding out xp and experimenting on Buster it was peaceful to just look up at the night sky and breathe in the night as a feeling
of conquest surged through my head as a I pondered the days events.

Elyzia visits the Twelve

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