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    Default A Stay at the Inn bugged

    Won't complete even though all objectives are met. On a side note are ther any GM's on lamm?

    The sleeper has awakened

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    getting the same thing, and no, no GMs.
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    Yea, It bugs about most the time. EC 3 of 5 bugged, EH 3 out of 10 times, EN 3 out of 10 times. Doesn't matter how you do it. It has bugged when done in the correct quest order or when done out of order. It bugs with or without doing the optional.. Kill everything or kill the minimum.
    Doesn't matter wether you kill the Named shadow or the Merc Leader first either. Haven't found a pattern yet myself..
    It still bugs even if you reset the quest.
    Oh and the GMs will only close your ticket and tell you trhey can not do anything on Lama.

    I have noticed that I get more completions by answering I do not know than I do not help my enemies. Don't know if that is thee trick yet or not tho. I have had a perfect completion rate doing this so far.
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    ok I made another post, and got pointed here. So for who it matters to I also got boned on EC.

    Shame you made it more dificult to bug report or I would have.
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    Did it on EN. My friend compleated, but I did not. Very odd as we were in the same party at the time. I'd be willing to bet thats not WAI. ;D

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    Just ran it twice on EH and had the same result, kill the 2 final red-names, and it fails to update! Twice in succession, and no GMs, managed to kill off our guild game night

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    Figured it out.

    Mobs are caught in the obsticles and are inside them. The gargoyle ends up inside the stairwell and another mob was inside the large barrel. Once we used persistent AOE to kill them, the quest updates.

    Still a bug and needs to be fixed, its just not a "quest wont update" bug, but more of a "mobs inside walls" bug.
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    Whew, thought you meant bed bugs. Had me and the little woman freaked out as we are staying there next week...
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