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    Default - Guardians Of The Silver Flame -

    Guardians Of The Silver Flame
    Are a bunch of friendly folks who'd like to help with their best, in the honest opinion as the founder of the guild is to say the only thing that some people may find annoying is to fill out an application, a short one indeed. We believe doing this will show people who are bothered to show effort as in enough effort to join us. Then as we have our applicants, we know we can trust them as they spent time in effort of the application, it is the least we ask for.

    The guardians are a very unique type of guild, you may ask why and such, well i'll explain in a jiffy as you read.

    Our guild spends much time doing what ever they can to help and make friends, we have our own fun events, even promoting the PvP much funner and earning rewards from it.

    Heres what we fully offer from our guild,

    1) Freebie items were usually given for people all levels but for now it would be mostly based in 1-8 levels as we're not all high in levels.

    2) GvG - A new event system we have, it's called Guild Versus Guild. We play against a friendly guild we know, we invite them every saterday, inviting new guilds formally in the mailbox to have fun and make more friends as we challenge other guilds. It indeed made it really fun specially now that you have more than three people in pvp each team.

    Our GvG is focused into CTF and mostly the map is menechtarum
    - We do this because it's a bigger map.
    - Much more to experience, alot more fun to enjoy, even spots to show for some players.
    - It's mainly focused in working as a team to get the flag.
    - Deathmatch at times but mostly it's a pain, CTF brings more joy to our guild.

    3) A Crafting team
    We have a nice unique set of teams. Ones of course is the crafting team. What we have in here is basically having four rank structures to keep everything in place.

    Crafter/Crafting Teacher as in lead of the team.
    Assistance Craft - The assistance to help when mainly the lead is sleeping etc..
    Crafter Learners - eager players wanting to learn how to craft, the rank above teaches them from time to time, advice given through mail. Very friendly people, i remember once a guildie spents lots just to craft the shard of magi for me, a true good guildie he is indeed.

    To make GvG more fun, we include the battle winning/loosing/kills statistics weekly on that GvG saterday on our site.
    Things like them are onto the latest news on homepage of our site.

    Whats also interesting in GvG, we pay our top score winners in the GvG match if they score above 20 kills. We pay 10,000pp if they've past that record. Usually once Ricole(me) has reached an higher level, money earnings will be increased alot more that I can garentee.

    4) Our rankings in the guild?

    Our rankings are pretty simple, sadly as the /guild rank does not work properly it is a shame indeed. But we have faith in eachother, we don't have to depend on themselves.

    Our rankings are;
    -Outsider/Newbie > Not completly trusted, this rank is obvouisly kept for one or two days. If he/she has not left then it is proven she/he are not disrespectful to leave. So on trusted to become a official member. Sometimes this takes a week.

    -Member > A truly accepted member who is trusted enough as our members.

    -Officer > A member proven worthy of our guild, taking the next step of responsibility of our guild.

    -Veteran Member > Known as one of the best loyal friends and players, who are proud of our guild and tend to help out much as they can. They are granted officer rank of course. This rank is pretty rare and respected. Same for the officer, it's respected and strict, show loyalty for a year or few months, and you'd might be one.

    - Successor/Co Leader > Known as co leader for the guild, who is friendly and cares for the safety of our guild.


    As you may know, not much guilds posts fraps videos which I don't really know why, but every GvG we always record and post them with the stats of how it ended. Also pictures with guildies hanging out.


    -Must be above 14 years old atleast
    -No Mic Required
    -Application filled (Easy Application)


    As you apply onto our site, head to the roaster tab and click "Add Character" when you have free time, not straight away. As we said no pressure.

    Our website is, This thread may be updated next week to be improved better. I apolagize for those who dislike the looks of the thread as you may notice i do not see any allign. bold stuff so i had to use my experience of the "[[color" stuff like that. We can garentee we are very friendly and want nothing more to talk and assist you in combat or non combat.

    Our Guild was recently made thought sadly some people may not join of our level, but if it helps I've lead a high lvl RP guild and it was very successful.

    Guild Level - 9
    Guild members - 11 (will be around 15 in a few days, friends)

    Ricole's Apothecary
    Also some fun more unique for the guild we have "Ricole's Apothecary" My character is obsessed with robes/septers/wands/potions. They view onto the site if they see anything they like they just mail me and I'll send it. We also got this other guy who loves collecting things who sends us stuff. We mainly call him junkman lol.

    About me
    There may be a thing or few that you should know about me, nothing bad at all.
    1) I am profoundly deaf.
    2) i'm very loyal and I work hard for this guild, I've made a successful lvl 60 guild and so I can do it again.
    3) I join mostly every night or a few hours once a night due to homework from college.
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