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    Default Stuck on the 'Heart of Wind'

    A guildy of mine just returned to the game and his character is stuck on the 'Heart of Wind' after he logged off on our guild ship. He put in a ticket, but no luck getting him off. I was hoping someone would have an idea on exfiltration before we lose him again. (If he has to delete the character, he's gone)

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    It happens when your parking location is no longer valid :/ (among other things)

    You are right in that you have to contact a GM, just make sure to do the right ticket:
    Use the "stuck" category in the ticket, they respond relatively fast to these.
    Write in the subject and text of the ticket that you are stuck in the heart of wind.
    You'll need to wait online, they don't need to talk to you for this, only that the toon is online.
    (maybe keep an eye on the chat just in case)

    If you don't have access to tickets in the help screen do it from
    (with the ddo, in-game and stuck options)
    You need to keep your toon online to have it manually moved.

    This should be enough, your toon should be teleported silently while you are waiting and shouldn't take long.

    Failing that, the next step would be to open another in-game ticket but requesting a senior GM to check on your previous tickets.
    Last resort, open a ticket with account support, but the fastest for this is a phone call.
    If going to call open the ticket anyways, to have it as reference and have they check it when you call.
    But hopefully you won't need to get to this point.
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