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    Default finally beat the eye tyrant group after 2 years

    It's probably not a big deal for most of you, but I've had this objective for two years and always failed in the past because I couldn't solo them all (i've been melee class on all my lives and you can't use a hireling in subterrane) or the group I hosted either got scattered or wiped out completely.

    So now i've finally done it! we had to get to subterrane east, swim through a crevice located in an acid pool and then finally kill 6ish Tyrant beholders. It was actually quite easy this time because all of us were competent at our class, we had a maxed cleric with full ED, a wizard with high enough dc to hold the monsters (making it extremely easy) and a high dps artificer.

    after that we also killed the son of xy'zzy and some other stuff.

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    Congrats! That's one of my favourite encounters in the whole game. Beating it is very satisfying.
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