Hi, posted this originally in general advice section but didn't get much feedback... so here I am. Basically coming back after a LONG time, and I would like to bring to 20 my old "monster" dwarf (currently 9). I would like some advice on feats after the many changes that affected the game in the last 2 years or so.
I'm planning for a 12fighter/6ranger/2monk, TWF with DA (khops are too expensive^^). I know it's nothing more than a funny build to play

Feats I got (no particular order):
Oversized TWF
Weap focus
Imp critical
Pow Att
Stunning Blow

Feats I'm planning to take (no particular order):
Mobility and spring attack (worth it? Planning to stay in robes)
Greater TWF
Weap Spec
Great Weap Spec
Imp Sunder

For the last 3 feats, should I take Combat Expertise+Imp Trip? What about the "new" versions of Power Critical and Two Weapon Defense? Is Great Cleave of any use for TWF? Anything else I'm missing?
Thanks in advance!