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    Question Fix character page

    Who and how can I get Martens of Sarlona character page fixed. If you do a character lookup there are two listed. When I first made the character I made a mistake in the stats, so on the same day I deleted him and then remade him with the same name. When you go to you will only get the level 4 that I first built and not my TRx2 level 25 monk.

    Is there someone at Turbine that can help me with this issue.
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    for all intent and purposes myddo is dead. But hey, at least you can see at least one of your toons. whenever i try to use myddo i just get a blank white page with four links to turbine crapola.

    Its stuck in perpetual beta hell... at this point its no longer beta, its probaby on zeta-gamma testing.

    The devs dont even comment about it anymore, which is a little refreshing because we dont have to see them post a "not being entirely honest and you know it but we are going to say it anyways" post where they intonate they will be fixing it soon(tm).

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    There was a thread not so long ago where a dev asked for names to manually fix.
    That was more or less by the time myddo began updating again after an absence.
    Nowadays it seems to be broken again or at least new toons have broken in the time since that has passed.

    I still believe it's wordpress fault and the whole thing needs be scrapped for a better backend.
    Meanwhile try the "yourddo" pages which are player run, broken toons can be viewed there.
    Toons would still be broken for lotteries though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerardIII View Post
    ^ aka YourDDO

    for martens problem it won't help though, as it's scraping the level 4 character.

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