Just wanted to list the Ana stick spots I came across.(about 50 runs)

Stuck Spot 1:

This just 'hangs' Ana up. You can just run back and get her to move away. Not really a big deal, just wastes about 20 seconds. This is the most common spot where she gets stuck(happened 8 times). Its at the first battle with Mistresses(1-2), the lower platform before transcending to the first artifact.

Stuck Spot 2:

This is the worse one. Actually makes Ana stuck. Need to submit a ticket or restart. It only happened once about a month ago. We made sure we went around that area ever since. Its at the first big fight(4-5 mistresses) on the ramp going to the top platform.

Stuck Spot 3:

Just 'hangs' Ana up. Only happened once. Had to run back and move her aside. Its after the first big fight with the 4-5 Mistresses. On the top platform heading towards the bridge to the third artifact.

Very Annoying Spider!

Basically there is a hidden spider in some landscape. The only reason this is annoying is because the Mistresses sacrifice it every single time.