Hey all-

So with people complaining about how easy quests are etc. etc., I was thinking of starting some no-rez-until-endloot raids. Specifically, caught in the web. It feels like the raid might play a lot differently if a death means more than being out of commission for 15 seconds or whatever. (We did try this last night, though it failed hard at the legs stage)

How many might be interested in this sort of thing in the future? By nature it does seem like a fairly unforgiving mechanism, but are there any ideas out there as to how to make it accessible? How big of a problem would intentionally-dying-then-piking potentially be? Is there a good way to deal with the legs stage, where in general it's pretty easy to avoid getting knocked off the edge, but occasionally the game just seems to root you in one spot as four spiders surround you and a leg pops out from under you?