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    Try giving the wolf ship buffs. They actually help it stay alive and do more damage. Setting the wolf to defend, buffing it, and enchancing the rogue side while giving it imp evasion can do wonders in keeping it alive. I often send it into an elite pit trap to pick up stones with little worry that it will take any damage. Also, if you set it to defend, it is more likely to trigger sneak attacks on whatever attacks you while potentially drawing aggro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzB View Post
    Careless Master on a druid pet would be wrong. I know no one cares about role playing, but it is the basis of the game.
    RP is hardly the basis of DDO...

    With that being said...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxom_Faux View Post
    i buff my wolf, my main is a cleric, i know how to heal and fight while watching hp bars. that said i actually have to watch my wolf. he's currently in crafted leather with lifeblock and invulnerability of the highest tier i can put on a lvl 16.

    and even with all that he dies any time i take my attention off him. MAYBE it's because i'm commonly solo'ing and have no group with me to split the aggro. i certainly know it's not operator error or neglect, he just seems to bite off more than he can chew. I gave him all the sneak attack options and i regularly hit intimidate (i'm a bear druid), i keep him in guard mode not aggressive. so i can't identify anything other than that, compared to my arti pet which i almost never even pay attention to anymore (just hit aggressive and watch him tear into things), my wolf pet seems squishy.

    i'm also saying i find i'm often (when solo'ing) in a life or death fight with a mob and my wolf kicks it and that essentially instantly kills me, and if it doesn't kill me the loss of several hundred sp i would have used for healing really hurts. so i'd really like that enhancement mr. dev.
    Dunno, maybe you used the fighting and damage enhancements lines on the wolf which is why he get so much attention and damage in the first place? Sneak attack for example increase the damage but as well the aggro potential. Maybe instead take up the HP and thread reduction line. The last time my dog died was in Against the Demon Queen (which I guess is excusable) but till then he fought way better then the Artificer pet in my past life.

    Currently level 15 I haven't seen my pet suffer much or at all and can most of the time nearly ignore it's health bar. I gave it a while back one of those random loot gen leather armors that came with heavy fort and stonedust wraps that I turned into a pet collar. This way a lot of mobs that get bitten and not get tripped or otherwise lie prone anyway turn to stone and can't harm my pet. So I use my pet more as a debuffer then a DPS monster.
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