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    Default Stormreach Assasin's Guild now open on Ghallandra

    Stormreach Assasin's Guild is looking for a few good professionals.

    Each member is an independent contractor. The only code to the Guild is to honor and complete all contracts taken. No job shall be left undone. The Stormreach Assasin's Guild accepts assasin's of any skill level, no matter gender or race.

    So are you a professional that can bust any lock? Get by any trap? Take out any mark without ever being seen? Then we have just the jobs for you.

    Discression is our utmost priority.

    Assasins of any level or build. Only requirement is to have any rank of assasin. We are assasins. Our humor can be dark and crude. Our language foul. If you are soft of ears or young of years, then this will not be the place for you.

    This is a brand new guild. There are no amenities as of yet. As we grow, they will become availble. This will not be a heavy raiding guild. If we want to try to do an all assasin run on raids, that could be cool. But it will be our emphesis. We will be a band of loosely affiliated assasins. We each go on our own jobs, maybe even teaming up. Our guild is our place away from the marks where we can speak with the like minded and trade stories and techniques. Guild level will not be a priority, no will its boat. A boat will be bought once the guild hits appropiate levels. Any contributions to the costs of boats would be appreciated (they can be thought of as guild fee's for finding jobs, not a requirement though). None of the luxury boats will be bought though unless a strong core is found for the guild to help cover the costs of astral diamonds.

    Vision of the Guild: Mainly, it would just be a fairly kick back guild, with a light to moderate RP element thrown in. Helping guildys is always a good thing, but not a requirement by any means. As stated, this is a band of loosely affiliated professionals, so also do not expect to be helped along your way to full assasinhood. Only the strong survive, and we will not weep your loss.

    Submit your request through an in game mail to Lawbane.

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