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    I and my friend recently founded Vicarious Valor. We are currently two active accounts and looking for players whom share our style of play. Therefore, let me explain a few things about Vicarious Valor.

    1. We are a casual guild and not interested in leveling up as fast as possible. We wish to enjoy and explore the game - not rush to get to the end. Gaining levels is great but grinding is not. The shortest path between two points is a line but it's nowhere near interesting. Also, we don't care about getting every last treasure chest or breaking open every last barrel in a dungeon. If a few escape us it's ok.

    2. We prefer figuring out how to defeat dungeons - not reading a wiki article on how to get through it. We don't like it when someone leads us around by the nose and tells us what to do every second in the dungeon. Most people don't like it when someone spoils a story - why should it be any different with a dungeon?

    3. Like leveling, we don't place any emphasis on acquiring renown. If we get it we get it, and if we don't we don't - either is ok. We believe renown should not be the end that justifies the means. Sure, it's nice to have all the amenities that go along with having a high level guild; but if it's no fun getting there, what's the point? There is no activity requirement. If you can only play one or two nights a week that is fine by us.

    4. We don't want people who have a penchant for telling others what to do or how to play. Suggestions and advice are encouraged. But nitpicking and telling people they must get this feat or that power is not ok. We wish to encourage players who want to try something different - even if it doesn't fit into normal acceptable builds. We will explain why some builds usually work better than others - but ultimately the choice is up to the player and we will stand by his or her decision. We don't want players who think their way is the only way to do things.

    5. We enjoy grouping and primarily play about 5 days a week during the evenings of EST. As of yet we have barely experienced raiding in DDO. Presently, raiding is not something we do. But, we may take part in such activities in the future.

    To join, please send me a message here or in game to one of my toons: Valwen, Valvyra, or Phyrice
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