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    Default Magister/Draconic innate +CL broken by 15.2

    Yea you updated them to remove the +1CL from lvl0. And said something about adding +1 CL for lvl5..

    But now they only grant +4 CL when maxed out.

    Can't say what lvl exactly is bugged for sure given i can only test the maximum. However I think its a safe bet to say its the lvl5.

    Also, the text for them makes absolutely no sense. Read it completely literally, it states we should be getting about +8/9/10 caster levels depending on destiny.. Really needs some proof reading done.

    IMO the way this is done is just kludgy, unintuitive and goes against the entire purpose of destinies and ddo's extensive character customization. It forces casters in one sphere. Or at least severely and unfairly penalizes them for trying out other spheres. Really should of simply given +1 CL per epic lvl for relevant classes you have. Would maybe even take less then 3 months to debug that way since its centralized.
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