I've got a lvl 8 Druid and some silver and flame-touched scimitars to to craft onto, but I'm not really sure what to make. All the ideas I've come up with while chatting in-quest get shot down.
Ideally, I'd like these weapons to be useful for a couple levels before I craft again, but MLs and crafting seem to have a bit of a threshold around lvl 9.

Also, I'm kinda new to the whole melee action thing, and I find adjusting from ranged/casting to melee is... interesting.

So I guess, I want to ask for recommendations for two types of weapons and some other stuff:

1. What quest/raid specific type weapons should I make and have around, say between lvls 8-12?

2. What general purpose "go-to" weapons would you suggest?

3. As well, I wonder what would be useful for the animal form. I was thinking something along the lines of Melee Alacrity 10% but there may be other, less obvious, types of crafting which have worthwhile effects in combat.

Finally, not Cannith related, but still crafting:

I think my "epic" toon has enough ingredients in it's bags to craft a GS blank, or two. It's been pointed out to me that, despite GS' low ML, that a blank won't be as effective or useful as Cannith, Alchemical or even some random loot until the toon can really get into Vale crafting.
Any opinions, or suggestions?