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    You could try The Drunk

    My First completionist is a pure monk

    My second one going to be The Drunk as its such a sily powerful build why not making it stronger lol.

    you get everything you want

    Top notch melle dps
    Self healing
    AOE dps
    Crowd Control
    A dot
    Self buffs

    Has the HP, saves, imp evasion to tank but does way better dps with out having agro.

    Alot of your past lifes wont go to waste here

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    pure int rogue
    henshin mystic monk

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    If its your final life I would strongly consider both epic destiny synergies as well as the new epic feats before finalising on a build that was awesome when 20 was the cap.

    For melee dont forget Monks get Improved Martial Arts and Vorpal Strikes, Rogues get Epic sneak attacks and probably more relevantly for you, Epic Overwhelming Critical. Considering their effects and pre-requisites it's best to consider them before a final build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qnevven View Post
    While i am aware that monks are nowadays a great DPS and with the right Epic Destines even overpowered (yes, i've said it)
    You shouldn't have said it lol. Now they are going to nerf it.

    Anyway, I would consider the Blitz build ( ) if I were you. Pretty solid. I like it over the Monster which is the 2 monk btw. You will have to tweak it a little.

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