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    Default Landlubber's Bundle Now Be Available. Yaar!

    Where? I saw the thread (link below) from Tolero and decided to take a look at it for my 2nd account. I signed in, and didn't see it anywhere in the store. This was done 9/22 and the promotion was scheduled to end 9/23. I looked under new items, seasonal items, bundled items, and under the adventure packs page and did not see it. I also tried to search for it, but to no success.

    I didn't have time to make a post last night, as real life called. I did end up picking up a couple of packs, including the Sentinels of Stormreach pack as it was on sale - however I would have really liked to pick up all 3 of these as a discounted bundle.

    "Avast me hearties! The DDO Store now be offerin an adventure pack bundle fer the landlubber to bring out their inner salty sea dog! It be available today 'til September 23rd. It be featurin the following adventure packs:

    Three Barrel Cove
    Sentinels of Stormreach
    Attack on Stormreach

    All the pirates ye can pillage in one discounted bundle. Yaar!"

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    argh too bad if you bought the xpac collectors edition its not purchasable because you already own 2 of the adventure packs
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