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    Thumbs down Error trying to log in to accounts page (20068)

    Okay, first time I've had to post here.

    I just tried to log into, and it's giving me this error:
    Password must be between 8 and 16 characters in length, of mixed alpha-numeric characters and the symbols (){}!$%&+;:-/*^#@ only. [err: 20068]

    It's like it's trying to register a new account?
    I've tried a few things, obviously (Before any trollololol comes along and says it) my actual password, but then I put in an incorrect password, which it recognizes as wrong, and gives a different error saying the user/pass is not recognized.
    So it's not me being a mong (at least, I don't think so...)

    Anyone else getting this? I mean, it's saving me some money, but the chars I want to play, require me to pay :P

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    Fixed by changing my password...

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    Default That reminds me of something...

    Your problem may be fixed but maybe thats related...

    When I started DDO and created my account for the game, I couldn't access the site with those credentials.
    However I got it fixed the same way you did...changed my password.

    The problem I can see here: symbols (){}!$%&+;:-/*^#@ only

    I am 100% sure my original password back then had the symbol " in it, which is not listed above.

    So there are obviously some special characters that get accepted for the game Log-In but can't be handled by the system on the site

    It puzzles me though how in the world they can have a system that accepts some symbols for passwords in game login, but not for

    Someone should really look into this (you almost lost a customer back then. I wanted to subscribe for VIP and it took me 4 weeks to figure out what was the problem there to login).
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