Okay, first time I've had to post here.

I just tried to log into myaccount.turbine.com, and it's giving me this error:
Password must be between 8 and 16 characters in length, of mixed alpha-numeric characters and the symbols (){}!$%&+;:-/*^#@ only. [err: 20068]

It's like it's trying to register a new account?
I've tried a few things, obviously (Before any trollololol comes along and says it) my actual password, but then I put in an incorrect password, which it recognizes as wrong, and gives a different error saying the user/pass is not recognized.
So it's not me being a mong (at least, I don't think so...)

Anyone else getting this? I mean, it's saving me some money, but the chars I want to play, require me to pay :P