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    Default Sell longer lasting guild augments.

    Guild augments are a great idea that really help breath life into lootgen gear.

    Especially now with the new U14/U15 lootgen. It's nearly competitive with named items, but VERY rare to get a good one with a large slot.

    So its nice.

    Only issue is: 6 hours is not nearly enough. Having to constantly revisit the stone of change, muck with my bag, then relog cause it broke my mouse wheel (grr) then craft it makes it almost not worth using.

    So yea please sell ones that last say:
    -3 days (like red augments)
    or even 30 days

    Can charge a ton of plat for them. (at least for the large ones, ppl in high lvl guilds get a lot of plat.. Im sitting on 10+ mil plat again and I cant spent it fast enough, game need more plat sinks)
    And if you want, can put em in the store too.
    It's a win win for everyone.

    Also allow us to de-slot items without having to wait out the time. (put in a 30day and change mind about what you want: Place item and scroll of dispel magic in stone of change, comes out cleared).

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    I'd settle for paying extra where i can reslot an item before it runs out, or adding a crystal where the timers stack like xp pots currently do.

    I won't however be willing to spend tp on it, the game needs more plat sinks.
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    Longer lasting guild augments seems like a simple but good idea. Charging considerable more (per hour) for the longer ones is okay I guess, but I'd REALLY prefer it not be just limited to using TP for longer ones.

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