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(Pathfinder description)
(Quick conversion, spell range)

Paladin Spells: (wanted to make more uses for turn undeads)


Challenge Evi: Sickens creature if it refuses to fight you.
Acts like a aura that provides a debuff, self only

Hero's Defiance: Allows the use of lay on hands while falling unconscious.
Expend Lay on hands on incap, self only

Grace: Movement doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity.
Gives short period in which paladin can tumble through enemies, self only


Arrow of law: Harm and possibly daze chaotic creatures.
Almost pure conversion. Single shot ability similar to divine sacrifice.
vs chaotic deals +1d8 points of damage per two caster levels
vs chaotic outsider instead takes additional 1d10 points of damage per caster level and is dazed for 1 round on failed will save.
+1d4 vs neutral targets
The arrow has no effect on lawful creatures.

Bestow grace: Subject gains bonus on saving throws equal to Cha modifier.
Expend turn to give short lived saving throw bonus equal to char modifier to ally

Divine Arrow: Imbues a projectile with holy energy.
Expend turn to imbue a ranged damage bonus vs undead for period of time

Fire of Entanglement: Your ability to smite evil also entangles your foe.
Expend smite evil and spellpoints to immobilize target (uses smite timer)

Righteous Vigor: Boosts attack bonus with each hit.
+1 morale bonus to hit with each successive hit (+4 maximum) resets on miss, self only

Shield Other: You take half of subject's damage.
Expend turn to take half of ally's damage for a short period of time, one ally


Burst of Speed: You gain increased speed, and your movement ignores attacks of opportunity and allows you to move through the space of creatures larger than you are.
Expend turn and gain a short sacred bonus to movement speed and be able to tumble through enemies

Daybreak Arrow: Targeted ammunition exudes radiant energy.
Expend a turn to imbue a light based damage bonus vs undead. Gives a vorpal effect against vampires.

Deadly Juggernaut: Your might increases with every kill you make. (copy and pasted)
With every enemy life you take, you become increasingly dangerous and difficult to stop. During the duration of the spell, you gain a cumulative +1 luck bonus on melee attack rolls, melee weapon damage rolls, Strength checks, and Strength-based skill checks as well as DR 2/— each time you reduce a qualifying opponent to 0 or few hit points (maximum +5 bonus and DR 10/—) with a melee attack. A qualifying opponent has a number of Hit Dice equal to or greater than your Hit Dice –4. Self only

Fire of Judgment: Smited creature takes damage when it attacks.
Expend smite evil and spell points, applies a damage over time that affects evil targets and more to evil dragons, undead and outsiders.


Blaze of Glory: Last stand cures good creatures, hurts evil.
Expend Lay on hands, turn undead and sp, upon falling unconscious releases burst effect that heals allies and hurts enemies.

Bloodsworn Retribution: Cut yourself and swear an oath of retribution on your own blood gaining bonuses based on how much you injure yourself.
If allied has been killed you can decrease max life % to gain a large damage/attack bonuses versus that enemy

Fire of Vengeance: Smited creature takes additional damage
Expend smite and sp, applies an effect which causes paladin to deal additional damage vs target on each successive hit for a short period of time.

--- perhaps someone should do ranger spells