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    Default House of Death Undone for ED EXP farming?

    1 min for 26k exp yet everyone seems to focus on house of rusted blades. So I found some videos on youtube of the roles taken to do it in hopes that we can see more of it instead of the same ol same ol.

    Arcane: Need DDoor and Knock, some say you need 2 arcanes(if less geared) one to knock and one to open doors.

    Everyone else besides the 1 or 2 sent for flashstones, bum rush the boss!

    *Disclaimer: I do not own nor was I involved in the making of these videos.

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    I have no idea what the devs were thinking when they released the Drow City quests.

    Pretty easy way to burn yourself out though.

    I've joined a couple of these runs, but after 5-6 repeats, I'm bored out of my mind.

    I don't play video games to be bored out of my mind. So I'm settling mostly for 2-1-1 twists (8 fate points) on my characters instead of trying to max out EDs for marginal benefits.
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    We are no more d000m'd then we were a week ago.
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    When you stop caring about xp/min this game becomes really fun. Trust me.
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    No single character has all the skills and resources needed to guarantee success in all endeavors; favorable results can usually only be achieved through group effort. No single player character wins, in the sense that he or she defeats all other player characters; the goal of the forces of good can only be attained through cooperation, so that victory is a group achievement rather than an individual one.

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