First put down that torch and pitchfork, this suggestion is only marginally connected to PvP, and probably not in a way you expected, basically i used PvP as a hook, now that i have you please read on.

Idea is a revival of an old server race, race to subt to be exact. As i have been told, considering that i wasn't here then, every raid droped a token which would be turned in to an npc, when enough of tokens were collected, subt was open.

Now, how can we adapt that to current game. As before every raid drops a raid specific token, one hnorm/enorm, two on hh/eh and three on he/ee. Raids that have epic options should be ran at level on heroic difficulties for the token.
Now assign an arbitrary number of tokens needed per server to be turned in, example: 100 velah tokens, 100 shroud tokens, 100 lolth tokens... you get the idea. Server that is first to turn in all, gets a small bonus for a couple of days, like 5% xp bonus or +1 to loot.

Now some modifications to that idea:

Streak: If a certain server is fist couple of times, their bonus increments. If another server breaks the streak, they get the incremented bonus and reset the streak back to 1.

Goals of this suggestion are breathing some life in some raids, sparking up some cross server competition, and there might be some $ for turbine, especially if they put raid timer bypasses on a sale .