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    Default Has MyDDO Been Fixed?

    Suprise of suprises today, I was able to get into MyDDO page without any problems, page fully loaded up. I was even able to enter the Lottery. Even after entering the lottery my page loaded fine.

    Is it fixed, or was this some fluke, and after today all I see again is the blank page with the "Lottery Button"
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    Not fixed for me.

    Instead of my main being "archived", he now shows as having unidentifiedclass1, and for some reason all the epic levels on every character are showing as druid levels.

    Keep trying guys!
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    Haven't been able to access myddo for a couple of months but it is loading up fully now for me nowtoo. Also have access to lotteries.

    The last couple of times it went wonky, I didn't get access to my page or lotteries until they purged the really old stuff from winning entries list. It doesn't look like they purged them this time though. Somebody must have had the wrench and screwdriver out tinkering on myddo.

    Epic levels and artificers are still missing for me. Hopefully they are still working on it, it had potential.

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    still cannot access any toons, all i get is a white page with four links on it.

    when i want to look at a myddo now i jut go to yourddo. that seems to work a whole lot better then myddo does.

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