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    Default What levels should i stop at?

    Was just wondering what levels i should stop crafting at (IE, there arent really any more goodies higher up).

    I use crafting basically just to make super-beaters (and occasionally twink gear)
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    If that's all you want then level 90-100 is fine. That will allow you to craft all normal, bound shards for twink gear, beaters, etc. If you're interested in the flexible shards, which allow for more flexibility in where you place some prefixes or suffixes, then you'll need to go higher. But if those don't interest you then 90-100 in all schools is enough.
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    I consider 110/100/100 sufficient. You get a guaranteed 100% on all the uber shards (heavy fort, gfl, resist +5, etc...) and your arcane is high enough (or at least only within a level or two) for flexible greater focus shards.

    There is real value in elemental 120 for the flexible melee alacrity shard (130), but I personally am not stressing about that.

    At 110/100/100 I stopped, and remain at 110/101/101 due to decon xp.

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