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    Default Rising Fury

    Am i missing something here?
    5 mana for a 30 second buff that doesn't stack with rage or primal scream?
    and is a level 4 spell? This wouldn't even be a good level 1 spell. Its only useable when your taking alot of hits aka main tank. Even there its not that useful because of stacking problems and when it wears off you may just dir from hp loss.

    Change make the +2str/con moral bonus last 20-30 seconds and make the spell last
    6 seconds per caster level and have extend effect it.

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    While not the most incredible thing, this is still a fairly useful spell. It's clearly for when tanking. It quickly stacks up to +10 STR/+10 CON, which is more than the things it doesn't stack with.

    Also, why do you keep putting these threads in the lamannia forums? This is live now.
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