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    Default well

    Quote Originally Posted by geoffhanna View Post
    thats one way to get traffic to your site. pvp is in no danger and doesnt need to be saved. you should work for fox tv

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    Default Honestly

    PVP in DDO scares me for the simple reason that making it mainstream would require balancing all the classes and builds. So long as PVP is a minor addendum then it will not effect the rest of us. Most of us do not want that in the regular game period.

    If the Devs want to mainstream it then it will require a totally different ruleset. I highly doubt they want to invest that kind of time and effort. It would be akin to running a home game in 3.5 for 'normal' (PVE) play and breaking out 4.0 for PVP.

    Perhaps if they really think it could work offer a cheap PVP pack with a few deathmatch or flag capture type arenas. If enough folks will pay (or VIPs play them) maybe commit a bit more.

    On the whole, I suggest we leave PVP alone for the hardcore folks that enjoy that stuff because I really doubt DDO has a large enough pool of PK players to support it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Torc View Post
    I’m only nerfing you now so I can buff you later.

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    By the way, now that I've had time to actually read the OP's self-referential article, I am baffled by his so-called "logic."

    In fact, a parallel argument could be made like this:

    (1) The sky is blue.

    (2) Puppies and kittens are cute.

    (3) Fear the Cosmic Space Trout. It's totally watching you.

    (4) I'm an unemployed graduate of the James T. Kirk School of Computer Programming, so please visit my site or I'll starve.

    (5) Therefore, DO WHAT I SAY OR YOU ARE WRONG! Q.E.D. See? It's totally obvious!
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    Teach a man to fish, and he'll leave to find somebody who'll just give him a fish.
    Beat him unconscious with the fish, and it's comedy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdbd3rd View Post
    Oh, the hatred is there, trust. It's just that we started getting our nads kicked for saying it out loud, so we sit in our dark corners with our little clouds of PvP hate gathered close around us to keep them safe.
    Well the warning issued about getting our nads kicked is about PvP threads and hate posts in the PvP subsection...

    So according to this post and it's title :

    As this thread is not in the PvP section of the forum it is a fair target for all our PvP hatred.

    Seems we have been all sweet and constructive in our destruction of PvP so far... But it's still a fair target if we want to hate, loath, and despise.
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    Keep pvp away from me. Far far away.

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