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    Default Auction slots plz.

    I like to do all the auctioning on a bank alt. In another game, I once got up to 645 items up for sale, basically entirely as a result of playing a whole heck of a lot (I was on vacation) and sending all the loot worth selling over.

    Here? 50.

    More auction slots = more healthy market.

    And whaddya know! You could make money at it! I'd be pretty happy to buy account-wide 5-slot upgrades.
    Yes, that seebs.
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    Not a bad idea for making Turbine some money, but I can honestly say I've never hit the limit.

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    I was pretty excited when i went from f2p to premium so that i could sell more stuff on the auction house. But honestly, once you start getting any amount of plat built up, selling stuff that is only worth maybe a hundred is very tedious. I used to put things like plus 3 anarchic arrows up there, thinking hey, Mcdonalds got rich doing it like this. Now they are lucky if they stay in my pack long enough to make it to a vendor.

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    /not-signed without better filtering tools.

    The free market makes it already hard to find the item you need without scrolling through
    tons of arbitrarily priced stuff and lots of unwanted items that one may call junk.
    Let alone loading the lists increasing the size ten-fold.

    Searching by title helps but still can use improvement.
    However, it is surely a good idea if items could be searched from a separate entry with all the keywords.
    That is, if full text search is too difficult to code, at least all the ability titles should be in the searchable string.
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