Orien S.W.A.T. members and hopefuls... the gauntlet has been thrown down, and we are going to proudly stand up and answer the call!

but i'm thinking we might need a smidge more planning than the 'on the fly' method we employed to utterly stomp shroud.

VOD - shouldn't be too terribly hard, if a bit chaotic. only hangup i can actively think of might be fire-bat stage. what to do about the bats? someone with Grandmaster ED and EIN prepped? or just take em as they come and hope the evasion saves our hides?

TOD - again i'm not seeing any major issues aside from shadow phase... how to handle the shadows...a solid fog clickie or acid fog scroll would probably be sufficient to generate initial agro... but after that? tank like a caster does? ship resists or even a wearable item of superior cold resist is of course a given, and the UMD to scroll fire shield: hot is also pretty well a given... green steel cold absorb item? Templar's Bulwark? (5 points extra on top of all your other resist for the standard version, 10 points for the epic version) Block Energy from Unyielding Sentinel ED? it's probably doable. have 2 on heal scroll rotation for them?

what say you, rogues of Orien?

throw other raids up here you want to take a crack and and we can discuss those, too!