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    Adding challenge to the game.

    I like it.

    Keep up the good work devs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brennie View Post
    Fun story: This seems to be affecting Paladin Lay Hands too! But here is the fun part - Normal spellpower doesn't affect Lay Hands. So what does this bug do? Well, in my completely uneducated guesstimation, it seems as if it is treating the Lay Hands power as if it was being used by someone with *zero* Paladin levels, causing it to hit the ability floor which is, apparently, 1 point of healing. It has sucked pretty royally for the paladin in my TR group who tries to save the teammate who is chain-chugging pots to stay alive, only to hit them with a whopping 1 point of healing...
    Gahh! I've seen this! I thought it must be WF related after I hit a WF with LoH on my Pally.

    Another bug
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    Quote Originally Posted by twinstronglord View Post
    Up to this point we've all been beating around the bush. Lolth has a very small box in which you can hit her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meetch1972 View Post
    If this bug does indeed affect all spell power, it may also open up the potential for an exploit against bad things. Details left out to hopefully avoid being cubed, but I'm sure there are far more devious people out there who've already tried to or are actively using the bug to their advantage. That alone should be reason enough for devs to get worried and prioritise the fix!
    I see what you did there. Unfortunately the devs don't seem to be buying it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ertay View Post
    While they were at it though, the devs decided to go on an incredible nerfhammer rampage and left nothing in their wake standing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brennie View Post
    Question: do wraps count as a "Weapon" for swinging a weapon? Likewise, what about ranged attacks? (i'm assuming ranged attacks are a no, sicne I was pewpewing between drinking potions, but I'm not 100% sure how thw timing worked out on the lay hands)
    yes and yes. wraps count and bows count. probably crossbows too, but didn't test those yet

    tested with my AA clonk. XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNellesen View Post
    I see what you did there. Unfortunately the devs don't seem to be buying it.
    I know right.. despite me walkign a very fine line in the other thread on this subject and almost shouting from the heavans that this could potentialy be exploited for player benefit.

    DEVS... its not going to be long before the masses work this out in detail! fix it before then and and avoid the mass telling off.

    I suspect they dont care because most mobs dont have spell power - but eeeek some of the ones that do..(and no im not going to say which ones do because that would be telling people how to exploit this - and im not a fan of cheating, which is why i want this fixed)

    Fix it, its a serious (exploitable) bug.

    For clarity for the players -
    drinking a pot, changing gear that effects stats (derived or base - including weapons) all cause this bug reliably.
    making an attack action fixes it - the attack does not need to connect.

    So.. every time you change gear or drink a pot be sure to swing your weapon. chug swing chug swing chug swing!
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    Someone needs to link this thread in the massive flame war that is the BYOH thread.

    Also the two offshoot threads that were started as a result of that thread.

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