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    Unhappy GS Duel shard. only applied single.

    So I crafted a full set of conc opp goggles and applied the shard before dueling it.

    Anything I can do?

    Is dopant worth getting? or will i just get smalls?


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    only thing to do is start over

    as far as dopant goes I am personally of the opinion that dopant is only worthwhile if you are recovering a cleanser, otherwise the value of the dopant is higher than the value of the returned ingredients in most cases

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    "Value" is a relative term, too, mind you. Dopant is more valuable in game than all the mats you lost, BUT, is the time it would take you to get all those mats more "valuable" than the money you would spend in the DDO store? And... you're giving into your principles and buying stuff in the DDO store you swore you wouldn't because it is wrong of them to have such a low droprate on dopant? (That last part might just be me).

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    Thanks thats pretty much what I thought.

    If I was guaranteed to get all my larges back, or even just the scales and stones, I would buy it in a heart beat. But at a chance of getting more bones and shrap... No

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