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    Default Con. Opp. is bugged.

    Crafted a green steel spell point concordant opp. item. I did the dual shard conbine thing. I did NOT recieve the concordant opp. the spell pionts, the +3 to chars. skills, but NO concordant opp.

    Please fix this!
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    Can you link a screenshot to your item?

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    Did you pick the correct effects to be applied ?

    Last time I crafted a Con Opp item, after the dual shards was combined it had 2 options
    in the crafting box, 1 had SP only, the other had sp and con opp.

    Maybe you selected the one with only the SP on it.

    I thought it was very strange that it showed 2 options when I was applying my dual shard
    to the GS item.

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    Another common dual-shard mistake is when you attempt to apply the tier 3 shards individually to the item, instead of combining them together and then applying. You end up with a tier 3 item that looks the same, but seems to be missing the special effect.

    Though...I haven't heard of anyone doing that since the barter UI was implemented.

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    Guessing it is a misclick...or a bug with the barter system.

    It is quite easy to mess up dual shard items still, even with the new system.

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