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    Default Need someone to craft something for me

    Hi, I play on Argonnessen and need someone with 84 arcane crafting to help me make a blood rage shard and someone with 126 elemental crafting to make me a melee alacrity 10% shard. I will provide the items needed.

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    I'm pretty sure Catium is still in business.

    His board name is Dven, in-game (on argo) his crafter alt is named Catium.

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    Default :::poke:::

    I am still here and crafting on Argo as well.

    Mainly on Blaacklisted these days, so if you need something quick, send me a tell on that guy.

    If not, standard rules apply, mail Blaacksong the order and ingredients and I will send you the shards back with 24 hours of my seeing the message, guaranteed.

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