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    Default The pit shortcuts and optionals

    What this guide does: This guide will tell you how to reach the furnace valves easier, how to complete the other rooms as fast as possible and how to obtain all optionals and chests. If you have a team where other people will take care of ransack/conquest while you do the rooms you can still complete the quest within 15-25 minutes, if you divide tasks on rooms you can complete the quest in less then 10 minutes.

    What this guide does NOT do: This guide will not give you the route to complete the quest, you can find a fairly easy to follow route and explanation of each room on the The wiki page for the pit.

    Table of contents.

    Back up generator
    Furnace I
    Security Center
    Furnace II
    Main Breaker room
    Main Control room
    Bilge Control room
    Furnace III
    Intake control room
    How to get that extra XP
    All possible chest locations

    Back up generator
    Pull the levers in an X shape (south west, north west, center, north east, south east)

    Furnace I
    You can skip a bit near the top by directly jumping on the upper pipes see image

    Security Center

    No picture but a quick list on how many turns each wheels needs, if you dont know the pit well you can put something like this in your bio for easy reference.
    yellow - 5
    purple - 3
    blue - 4
    green - 2
    orange - 5
    red - 4

    also, for reference (in case you got one wrong)
    yellow - double airship
    purple - single airship
    blue - trident
    green - n with dot inside
    orange - H
    red - opposite F

    Furnace II
    The first jump is on the picture below, you evade the traps completely that way.

    Second jump is a bit further and for this one to work you need high enough jump, jump spell, rage or unequipping armor can help.

    Main Breaker room
    Well known trick, just run straight to the past and jump on top of the blue force field, walk against the pillar/wall behind it and keep clicking the lever, you should be slowly moving down the bubble untill the lever can be pulled.

    Main Control room
    There aren't any shortcuts, but maybe I can help you this way:
    on all the puzzles the north side is the power source, to build it out I'll tell you the starting tile on the south side, this might make it easier to build.
    South west starts with a tile facing to the left
    North west starts with a tile facing to the north
    North east starts with a tile facing to the right
    South east starts with a tile facing to the right

    Bilge control room
    This place has a hidden shrine, but no shortcuts.

    Furnace III
    To get this lever use the valve all the way in the back. Keep repeating this untill you get shot near the top, so you can land on the pipes next to the fire elemental. It might take a few tries to get up that high.

    Intake control room
    If you are a ranged type of class this will be easy, but melee can also reach those ledges on the side, you simply need haste or sprint (or both). Stand on top of the stairs pillar and jump straight at it as displayed in the image below.

    How to get that extra XP
    8% xp for opening either the hidden shrine at Bilge Control Room or the hidden door to a miniboss in the Main Breaker Room.
    62 breakables for ransack (+15%)
    142 kills for conquest (+25%)
    TIP: eggs count as breakables and there are a few crates hidden in the water at the intersection of the furnace area.

    There are several mini-bosses that give xp
    one is in the main breaker room, he's on the left side behind a hidden door.
    one is in furnace 3. When you are near the top get to the valve all the way north east (its below the top area, you can jump down there), the shoot there will fly you up to a boss that spawns upon opening the chest
    Muckdoom - he is at the bottom of the lava (below the furnaces), you need to have turned all three blue valves, one in each furnace.
    Destroy those 25 eggs, if you are aiming for vandal or ransack this will be completed on it's own.

    All possible chest locations
    Shrine furnace I
    *Bottom of an underwater pipe security room
    at the top of furnace II (4 casters protecting it)
    Main breaker room at miniboss
    Furnace III has two on top, boss + casters spawn upon opening
    Intake room has two in the back (careful, 4 waves of enemies that trigger upon approach in this room)
    Mucks room at the bottom of the lava.

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