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    Default Tickets / GM / Automated responses

    / rant on

    I am so fed up with the reporting system and the people on turbines side that handle such.

    It doesn't matter what report, etc. you file ... It's always an automated answer that you get within 1 minute after the ticket was filed.

    The issue you have described is either not a currently known issue that the In-Game Support team can assist with, or cannot be resolved with the information you have provided. We recommend that you take a moment to submit a formal bug report at this url: Be sure to fully review the information at the top of the bug report form to understand how bug reports are handled.

    Does anyone actually care about the problems players have?

    Gosh, I don't even know why I keep pumping money into this game. It's getting worse from up-date to up-date.

    / rant off

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    Every ticket I've submitted has gotten a response that is not the response you've gotten. Perhaps you don't understand what GM's are actually capable of.

    What was your ticket about?

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    Indeed the GMs won't help with all issues, the first option that is labeled Bug Report is misleading.
    Should maybe be removed, clarified or narrowed with further options.

    The GMs will help with all other of the listed options:
    General Questions, Hacked, Harassment, Spam, Stuck and Bans.

    They may help for example, if your toon or quest item is stuck in geometry, but not a monster or chest.
    Or if you are stuck in a zone, like the infamous "heart of wind" or the times the tavern door breaks (that one is funny).

    They won't help with bugged quests, be it doors or objectives.
    Won't help either with anything related to modifying your account.
    (they are known to be able but seems to be outside their functions)

    For account things like reverting to f2p, or problems with store sales or store items, try account support.
    (account support track your purchases and can work on your account, they also respond fast)
    For performance stuff try tech support.

    For bugs unfortunately, there's only reporting them.
    Broken LRs and such are tricky, better ask in the forums what channel is appropiate.
    You can ask this to the GMs but mind you may be pointed back to the player's forums

    Likewise whenever there's an issue it helps to ask in chat or forums first.
    Someone somewhere would have heard about it, and it'd save a lot of rage.

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    after a few complaints either by email and/or phone (the later hurt my wallet quite a bit having to call a premium US number from London) they now seem to always take the time contact me and have an in game chat about the problem, note that most of the times it goes something like:
    a gm will be with u in a minute
    *gm pops into chat* hi fts what can i do for u?
    i explain
    he goes on to pop the same macro u would get normally ;p

    there are a couple of gd ones though that always try and solve whatever problem i throw at them, but mostly they are the senior gm's which are not so easy to get in touch with.

    it might just be my 2 cents in here but imho turbine could give the gm's a bit more power to sort things out instead of just giving them this lame routine they HAVE to go through

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    Every time I've seen a ticket get put in, the answer is either A) This is not a known issue and the GM's can't help or B) This is a known issue and the GM's can't help.

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