Hey, I'm going to be TR'ing very soon, and was looking towards what feat selections I should take/not take, and have read through a great many posts trying to research before making any decisions. The character concept is a death knight, basically... Will be playing Elf to be able to get full heavy armor, possibly shields... but will be 2H for most part. Here is the list so far, but trying to fill in/make changes now, since I am up to 18 Tokens and will be past 20 by end of tonight...

1 Toughness
1F Power Attack
2W Extend Spell
3F Cleave
6 G.Cleave
7W SF Necro
9 GSF Necro
12W Mental Toughness
15 Quicken Spell
16F IC Slashing
18F ---- ?
20F ---- ?
21 OC Slashing (or Epic Toughness, not decided yet)
24 Epic Toughness (or OC Slashing)

at 20, with gear, should have 30 Str, 28 Con, 22 Int... the character is not about insta-kills, and will focus on cold spells (since they have the majority of No-DC/No-SR spells) and buffs...

And, plan for ED's when/if I get them, is to start DI, work through Fatesinger/Shadowdancer/GMoF, and then get to Unyielding Sentinel, and twist in some abilities from DI.

But, does the feat lineup look good? If not, would love to hear suggestions from those who are higher up in levels and have played in the Epics... Also, any suggestions for what to put into the two missing spots? Was thinking maybe a way to fit in bastard sword and shield mastery feats... but if I do that, then will miss Improved Shield Mastery, is that a big deal or is it fairly minor?