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    Unhappy The new light monk's 'Healing Shield' sound is... painful! Please change it!

    The new Light Fist Monk's Healing Shield application sound, while I appreciate a sound being put here, perhaps something better than a high pitch almost sub audible whine that actually makes my teeth and jaw physically ache every time I use it could be found? Considering a light fist monk will use this ability on perhaps 30% of the monsters they face, that sound plays allot. I JUST TR'd one of my favourite characters in to a monk and just now got them to their 3rd level monk... and had to stop playing them and pop some Ibuprofen to take care of the headache forming after hearing that sound over and over again. Perhaps a nice quiet soft 'ping' or shortened healing burst sound could be used instead? As it is that sound has just rendered my favourite character unplayable :\

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    Yah, I posted a complaint about this after i thnk update 14 when it started (mighta been 14.2). Sine waves are NOT a good choice - kinda why I also don't like mindsunder and the end of Missing - painful sound - and I'm not even on headphones.

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    play w/o sound, best choice in ddo

    youtube rules!! lol

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    Default Dark Monk

    Speak to Fred and go darkside, problem solved. Neither Fists of Darkness or Touch of Death has an annoying sound!
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    My main complaint about it is that on low-level stuff, the observed pattern is:
    1. Enemy dies.
    2. A high-pitched noise fades in sometime after enemy is already dead.
    Yes, that seebs.
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