Hello just TR:d a toon to a druid, have been gone for the game more or less a year.

Now i wonder do any know about good armours ac-wice as i level?

would be awesome to get 1 for say lvl 10 and after that suggestions for 12, 14 , 16, 18, 20 and endgame epic?

(below lvl 10 i will just get a robe of invulnerability and blast to 10)

Why i ask is cause i have gotten a tad confused, is it only leather and hide i will go for?

Or is it some "hidden/named" good armors i could go for?

(dream is good medium armors with nice ac and good physical resistence)

Thanks in advance!

(And yes i will probably just kite and icestorm/firewall most etc etc, but i think it would be fun go for as high ac as possible, therefore i ask