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    Default Rogue 13/7 Angel of Vengence viable?

    Just looking for some input here:

    the AoV Shield of Condemnation can give up to -50% fort to enemies, an excellent boost for rogues, plus you get some self-healing and 3x toughness.

    So why are there no builds like this?

    Am i missing something?

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    Well the main problems I see are:

    -Favored Souls have very few skill points and all your trap skills + UMD are cross class skills for them, so you will very tight on skill points.

    -You will be super MAD, needing a little bit of every attribute. Your dcs will likely be unusable and you won't get the best divine offensive spells so the angel of vengeance prc pretty much goes to waste.

    -Lose 1 BAB

    -Lose 3 or 7d6 sneak attack + enhancements

    -Healing Power from 7 splash of Fvs isn't much better than UMD'ing heal scrolls.

    -Shield of Condemnation requires you to be struck in order for it to go off

    The only real bright side I can think of is Divine Power on demand, but that can be covered by clickies.

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    Fortification reduction is only semi useful. In quests almost everything that has fortification is also immune to sneak attacks (undead, golems, spikes etc) so the fortification debuff is only helping you get more crits vs these foes (power attack is better in this situation than precision for instance) until you get Shadowdancer 5 autogrant which applies a debuff on a vorpal hit that removes sneak immunity.

    The place that the fort debuff is valuable is raids as raid bosses have high fort (up to 80%) but aren't sneak immune so you benefit quite a lot but 7 times out of 10 there'll be a favoured soul in the group already and the aura doesn't stack.

    Other foes that have fortification but aren't sneak immune are warforged (who usually have 25% so precision fits perfectly here) and portals (who don't attack so wouldn't proc the fort debuff).

    It's not the worst idea ever but the drawbacks certainly outweigh the benefits.
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