I just did 9 lives on Pot...and nothing else over the past 4 months + 11 days. Im really tired, matted down and need a good lickin.

Ya, it can be done faster, but I work meow. And aside from a few runs with DJ, a set of 'Monasteries' with Preston, a couple of evenings with Black and one horrendous Running With The Devils elite PUG, I solo'd the entire stretch.

None of my toons have any ED powers yet, or a lick of XP above 20. mmmmmm, lick.

Compared to all your ubers, im gimp and forget how to raid. I can't even lick my way into a Shroud these days

This is what I hsssssss think about rescuing Arlos again...

One sec...too much talky. Not enough licky.

I really meow wanted all these past meow lives for an uber caster-druid build. But druids aren't worth half-a-lick at end game apparently. Hopefully Turbine will buff them...or at least give them a good lickin!

Or better yet, maybe we will get a new WARLOCK class! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrromgMOARprrrrrrrrrrrrrr

That's the end of my post. I hoped you licked it.