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    Unlockable cosmetic slots wouldn't be awful. I'd prefer an account-wide unlock at a higher price to a per-character at a lower price, though. I am sort of coming to realize that I will end up with a ton of TP I have no use for, at this rate; most of the stuff they do to encourage people to buy stuff just makes me think something is Obviously A Bad Deal. So once I'm done with account unlocks... Not much left to get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneralDiomedes View Post
    Y'know .. I would rather have had unlockable cosmetic slots, say 895 TP to unlock your armour slot, 695 to unlock your shield slot, etc. You could STILL sell real equipment in the DDO store which has the look of the cosmetic armor.

    Most of the cosmetic armors are rather lacklustre, without any real top-tier effort put into them. Features are blurry, motifs are re-used. All that art effort could have gone into creating three or four really sharp equipment looks.

    All in all, I'd have to say these do not meet my expectations.
    I of two minds here although both could be implemented.

    1. The cosmetic slot, where you can buy precrafted skins from the DDO store or go to the local Cosmetic shop where you can customize armor, shields, helmets by selecting from a list of base skins, then apply trims, crests, colours etc.... essentially crafting personal customized skins. All skin kits stay with the account/character. This way you could by packs of kits/multiple kits and cycle through the ones you own regardless of what armor you are actually wearing, expand out to cover shields, helmets, etc....

    Any purchased skin should stay with the account/character regardless of whatever item they are wearing. having a skin applied to 1 piece and having to rebuy the skin if you ever change or upgrade armor is in my opinion a a very distasteful cashgrab and do not fill me with that inner happiness of something new ( I would use other heat of the moment words here but they would end up edited for language)

    2. Update the armories to allow you to bring in items and have them recrafted. bring in a item you got, opens up a cusomization screen wher you can recraft the item with a new look. this item can then be traded, bought, sold.. whatever... Would work much nicer when/if the Auction house ever gets updated to have a preview of item screen.

    Personally i prefer 1 over 2, since when i build a toon I want it to have a certain look regardless of what it is actually wearing. There is a big demand for these type of customization in any MMO that DDO is missing out on. I know a few of the girls that play that wear some garbage outfits just because they prefer the look of it (pink armor) over something more functional and would spend hours in a MMO boutique regardless of the cost/time.

    Have these skins apply over any barkskin/stoneskin and even Tink would be happy, though this may be less fun than seeing her rage on a pug who doesnt know any better and passes barkskin to everyone in the party.
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    I only use them on DT armor, and one armor for my youngest girl who cares more about the appearence than what it does (but that's a pretty rare exception).

    A lot of people I talk to in game insist that the new armor designs with the hugely outsized shoulder whatzit are ludicrous-looking by intention, to force people to buy a skin to hide them. True or not, it definitely causes reputational damage to the company--a major unforced error.
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    better yet would be adding something to allow us to paint and customize armor.....that would be swell. Free to vip of course.

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    the utterly bizare thing is turbine has a wonderful cosmetics system in lotro. in my opinion its damn near perfect!

    Why they implemented it as is in ddo is beyond me, - its not even for cash grab reasons because so many folks are putt off by the way cosmetics work.
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    If WB ordered this from above and then gets dissapointed, D&D is going to get a big kick on the shards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigolbear View Post
    the utterly bizare thing is turbine has a wonderful cosmetics system in lotro. in my opinion its damn near perfect!

    Why they implemented it as is in ddo is beyond me, - its not even for cash grab reasons because so many folks are putt off by the way cosmetics work.
    Totally agree and have been saying the same thing since armour kits went into beta - totally ridiculous move by Turbine. There is so much that the DDO team could learn by simply walking across the floor and talking to the LOTRO team. Cosmetics, UI mods, structured bank slots, storyline development, events, social aspects - just not personal/guild houses (LOTRO housing is terrible).

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    unbelievable to me that this is still an issue... Talk about a basic feature that's been missing from the game for 6 years, that should have SHIPPED WITH THE GAME at launch.

    I know there's a segment of the games player base that doesn't care at all and thats fine, but in a game about building characters, to not have even the most basic of appearance customization is really bush league and makes Turbine look pretty amateurish.

    I am reminded about all those threads where people were excited about Armor kits, while the rest of us were alarmed that the half a$$ feature was probably going to ruin any chance of getting real appearance customization.

    Hate to say I (and many others) told you all so, but I told you so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seebs View Post
    CoH: Anything you buy with real money is 100% account-wide, you can use it on all the characters you ever made or make in the future.
    Rift: No micro-transactions, but you can equip any items you want as "wardrobe" so they get displayed instead of the armor you're wearing for stats. Most of those items bind-to-character, but you can use them forever; you don't lose them if you get an upgrade.
    TSW: Mostly per-character, but again, anything you buy for cosmetics is lifetime-of-character, you never have to buy it again.

    Well, that's the thing. See, what I am most interested in is "here is how I want this character to look." I am willing to spend resources to get that, but only if it's permanent. If it's only "look like that until next gear upgrade", it's not worth it to me.

    Right, and a lot more from someone like me. That's sort of the tradeoff with stores. The higher you price stuff, the more money you make from the people who will buy it, and the fewer of them there are.

    Doesn't matter if they're cheap. I won't spend real money on consumables, and fundamentally, if I can't keep using the same cosmetic outfit from 1-25, it's a consumable. Money isn't the issue, it's just a category difference for me. I'm willing to spend money (or money-like stuff like TP) on an outfit that will stay with a character forever, because I like being able to control how characters look. But the value to me of a costume piece that gets wiped out as soon as I upgrade my gear is somewhere between 0 and 1 TP. Definitely less than 1. The value of a costume piece that I can use for as long as I'm playing the character is pretty low. The value of a permanent account-wide unlock that lets me use a costume any time I want on any character is quite a lot higher -- I was paying $10 for costume sets in CoH all the time.
    First its not a temporary upgrade, its a permanent upgrade to a specific piece of gear. You dont waste it on something trivial. This is common in many micro transaction games that DDO based alot of its store off of.

    I personally love CoH. However they are completely different beasts to try and compare. DDO is a paper doll model, where the gear we wear effects our appearance. CoH was to me the first MMO that used a character creator and a system where gear was more about effecting the characters base abilities rather then giving us transient effects.

    Expecting anything close to city of heroes character customization in DDO is beyond silly. The fact is DDO has and always will be far behind most MMO in that regard. Our limited facial options alone have long driven that sad fact home over and over like a hasted assassins dagger.

    Frankly if character appearance was that big a deal for you then you should of stayed on CoH and showed it more support like I have the last few months during its dark times.

    2012 was the end of the world for City Of Heroes and paragon studios.

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    I agree that the prices for a one time use armour kit is exhorbitant. I don't know how they do it in LOTRO or any other MMO since this is the only one i play... but seing how the cosmetic pets work out in DDO, why not make the rest of the cosmetic family work similarly? Add a wardrobe tab in inventory under the pet stables where all your armour kits, hairstyles and what-not go, so you can put them on and off on all your toons, like the pets can be summoned and dismissed...
    Oh and as someone else said, would love if those pets would be public areas only, 12 bats flying in my face while i swing my swords can be a bit... distracting.

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