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    Default Looking for a guild on Thelanis

    Hi Folks,

    I am currently entrenched on Thelanis with 5 characters. My highest level being a level 16 ranger, named Saihung. The character I find myself playing most, as of late, is a level 8 Mechanist Rogue named, Fuirwyn Half-Full. I am using these two to help outfit a level 4 fighter, a level 5 Druid, and a level 4 wizard.

    I am roleplay friendly, drama free, and have experience playing many mmorpg's. Everquest 2, I love that game...I was part of a guild called Solo Artists for several years, becoming one of 3 leaders after some time. I have been a member of a raiding guild, though was never a top raider, I never had the time to devote to it.

    I am familiar with DDO, having been an original beta tester, though the game is far different now than what I remember it being.

    I am on a premium account, owning the original game and also the Menace of the Underdark expansion. I have access to all the adventures except about 11 mid-high level AP's.

    I have the veteran status unlocked, shared bank, and am looking to finish buying the adventure packs.

    I do not have a lot of time to play anymore, helping to run a family business 7 days a week. I have a tendency to stay after work and play...thus avoiding the distractions of home. I average most weeks about 20 hours or so....which would make me a casual sort of player.

    So to sum up, lol. Casual, Roleplay friendly, irregular play times due to work and family, mature, laid back, and a contributor when online.

    Fuirwyn Half-Full

    Oh....and I am male....about 38?...My main Characters name on EQ2 was Saihung Talechaser, on the ehh....cripes I can't remember the server.

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    Hello, I believe an experienced gamer like you would be a fitting addition to our humble guild MANACIRCLE. (Yes, it is humble yet written with full Caps-Lock)

    You can find more information here:
    Rogue enthusiast.

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    If you can play late evenings and are looking for an anti-drama guild of mature players with headsets, Hellstorm might be a good fit. We're a bunch of active DDO addicts but also understand the importance of realworld responsibilities.

    You can check out our website here.
    We should take a torch to this place and burn all the Trolls.

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    Default recruitment

    Dear Prospect,
    We are recruiting roleplayers. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE BERSERKERS or "ZERGS!" We are a medieval/military/Templar based roleplaying guild that has melded my ADnD 2nd addition "tabletop" campaign of over 20 years w/DDO's campaign.
    I am a DM from ADnD 2nd addition and have been for over 20 years. Our guild is level 31 and has an airship w/all amenities, we are active, however we are recruiting more and more to increase the amount of active members so that at any time (24/7) anyone from our guild should be able to log on and find enough guild members to quest with (so as not to have to find strangers for that.)
    If you are interested (and like minded enough) to roleplay 13th century Templar style, then contact me "Ghonja" on Thelanis server through the floating mailboxes and/or here/or at:
    Ghonja Flowingwater of Earth
    ~King of Eberron~
    ~Grand Master of The Knights of The Covenant~

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