I have a RS-AA Clonk that I'm bringing up through the ranks and finally got her flagged for the Shroud. I'm looking for suggestions on some different bows for her.

Lit II Bow
Holy/Shock Burst/Shock Blast
Shock/greater devotion V1/Shock Blast

a dear friend once said about a Radiance 2 bow - "its the crits baby"

Radiance II bow
Holy/Flame Burst/Flame Blast
Flaming/Greater Devotion VI/Flame Blast

but at higher levels there are more things immune to fire so maybe this is a better option:

Min II bow
Holy/AcidBurst/Acid Blast

I've got the Greater Devotional in cause I know I'm not going to farm for the high end potency/devotional type equipment. Its just not going to happen - so this is an option for me. It will almost always be equipped and I won't have to give it any thought.

So which of those 6 options do you think would be a good fit for a RS/AA Clonk.