More bugs, yes.

Since last few minor updates, I've noticed some of them. And many other players have noticed them too, one way or another, and they can't be ignored:

Adventure Compendium > Adventures tab. Type in anything. Really. Now clear that. And write something else. See? In my client, EVERY single adventure disappears, leaving the list empty.

Another one I've noticed recently: when talking to a captain in any airship, or even using a teleporter, I pick my destiny, I get teleported to where I choose, but the teleport locations menu is still visible after the teleport. If I try to pick any other option now, It doesn't work, the only viable option is to cancel that menu (I'll remain on the ship, or Step away from the teleporter).

The option "Hide Content I don't own" is still NOT selectable. I've wrote about this bug endless times since U14 got out, I have even submit a bug report about it. But the bug is still there, even after a few minor updates have been released, none of them corrected this.

But instead of having these bugs fixed, what do we get? Shiny-sounded and golden looks in treasure chests. Nerfed spells and buffs. And even more creature companions to make DDO seem more like a zoo than a roleplay game. Whats the point of that, when there are so many minor stuff to fix?

I understand that game dev teams can be different (who make new content, and who fix bugs and glitches), but Turbine teamwork is not making a balanced game. We see more new stuff coming out than bugs being fixed. DDO is much more diverse now, but its also much more bugged and glitched. Beware of that.

Thanks for reading.