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Thanks again for this thread. Mine is level 18 now and I am worried. It basically has to act like a sorc with half the SP a sorc has. The healing so far has been an asterisk (as in Kind of Like A Sorc* [*=some healing]).

I was wondering how you deal with the SP problem. Sorcs themselves milk the SP pool with heavy use of SLAs, which a druid doesn't have. Also missing is even one nuke (a sorc never kills with ice storm when ottoluke's will do), and even one ray (sorely miss frost lance/niacs/polar ray for single target blasting). Have tried to use Call Lightning as a single target blast but it has limitations, not least of which is that it is neither fire nor cold.

I'm also afraid that the SP problem alone will force me toward one of the Wild desinties instead of the Magical desinties, which seems like at least a missed opportunity. I had also been leaning toward the idea that Draconic would be main.

But you're right that the DoTs are bad-*ssed. So I've found on more difficult content I'm using DoTs on trash. I dunno how that's going to hold up over time....

So, I guess I'm fishing for words of encouragement.

Edit: It looks like you cover the SP problem with Exalted Angel. I guess I never thought that destiny was sexy enough so my eyes always glazed over on that paragraph. Will give it a closer look.
Thanks for your reply. I cover the sp with the three mental toughness feats, all the sp bonuses from gear and the endless faith ability from tier 1 of exalted. Im back upto level 24 and have 3200 sp in exalted and a little less in draconic.

SLA's druids dont get. This is probs its biggest downfall but I have covered that with avenging light from exalted angel and energy burst from draconic. I am also using rejuvinating cacoon which is affectivly a healing SLA so I am now in a position where I can go though quests without spending hardly any SP if I do not want to.

The druid is never going to be a sorc or even play like one. The druid has a good core of Great AoE spells, a Great CC spell and a Great DoT. I have basicly taken this core, specced heavily on positive healing so that my HoT's are as powerful as possible and then covered the shortfall of SLA's with epic destinies and twists.

What you are experiancing is completly normal at level 18. I was level 18 just last week and I felt the same. Burning sp to quick with no SLA's and only having 2200 sp... But it all changed once I got my ED's back.

P.S. I still use the DoT on trash lol. Most of the time I know if I cast it they are dead. And because there is vitually no cooldown or need for stacking, it works well.