LOLO oh man this thread is priceless. The perfect example of the poor attitude found within the power gamer community who nearly killed DDO.

This may surprise you but most people do not invest more then an hour or two a night at most into their game. These same people are usually the hard working adults who pay to keep this game going. Back when only maybe 5% of the entire player base composed of hard core players who devoted more time then is healthy to a game, and who had spent years at each stagnant level range grinding out all the best gear, that when the next increase came all they could do was crush it and bemoan how no challenge exists worthy of their leetness.

You want challenge, stop exploiting the system and making no fail uber min maxxed groups. Try PD. Dont tell others that they are somehow inferior to you because they enjoy the game differently. In the end all of your virtual accomplishments mean nothing, and one day DDO will be **** down, along with its forums, and no one will care one whit about what your raid completions where. That is the simple truth.

No content that takes dev time can be made to exclude the majority in favor of a minority. Power gaming elitists never had nor where meant to have a place in DDO. it was a shallow content unfinished game at launch and was always more enjoyable when not over played. Many bigger deeper MMO existed back then and still do today for that kind of mentality.

The issue OP has always been you and those like you being what we call wowtards in the general MMO community, people trying to take WoWs hard core raiding play style and bringing it to other games it has no place in any more then the holy trinity.

Not one of you wannabes would last an hour at a real table top game sad but true. Your behavior alone would justify rolls on the DM uppity player smackdown chart located on the game masters shield. That is what you types here will never get, D&D has no use, place nor want for those who put numbers and optimization above character and good civil social skills.