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    Default A letter to my Mother

    Dear MOM,
    Hi Mom, I love you, How are you? Yeah I'm just writing to you to tell you about the changes that have taken place in DDO. You know DDO? The game that I have been obsessing about for years. Yeah the one where the company that runs it is POWERED BY THEIR FANS. The game that listens to the players in and updates the game accordingly, and always has positive feedback. Yeah Mom the new update is amazing. All the new loot is so nice. Yeah I just trashed all my epic gear that I grinded out for hours and picked up some nice better than epic loot on the AH. Yes that was nice of them to fix that for me. No, there is no more lag anymore. They fixed that too. No creatures don't move when paralyzed anymore, Mom, they fixed that a long time ago. Yes there are even more players then before. Yes it is so easy to find a group of players to run a quest or raid. No, Mom, they are not a Greedy Capitalistic Company who just says one thing and does another. Yes, Mom, I love Mitt Romney. Ok mom gotta go. I love you.
    Sarcastic Son

    Shame on you Turbine! I just lied to my mother.

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    So what you're saying is that you don't like Romney, now why blame Turbine for that?

    (+1 for you.)

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    Default My mom's a dev

    My mom's a dev but also works for Orkin on the side so bugs pay the bills.

    P.S it's going to be all good next patch / Update there's going to be a rainbow dragon with **** load of lucky charms for loot.

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