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    Default re crafting an item questions

    Is it possible with any items to recraft? Meaning turning a ring of search +7 to a ring of search +13, with out starting over?

    I have given up crafting at around level 110 in all schools, with the all new changes and frustration with the flex shard not working for me. I have or at least had, a pretty good idea how things worked. I actually would take and put a lesser shard (for instance take a +3 search to over craft the +7 search to the value of the item would stay low, then I would over craft the final on it +13) this would work only on some items for some reason, some would say cant put shard on because it already has one.

    My questions in this long form is Are there still any items that you can do over craft on?

    Also is there a reason to craft at end game?
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    rewriting enchantments without deconstruction used to be possible for a while, but currently no, it is not possible to swap eg suffix for suffix without complete deconstruction

    end game, there still are DR breakers at least.

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