Ok i have mentioned it several times already however,

Over a month ago already i lost all my epic destinies, they claim to be working on it but im fed up. They can implement exp stones and can grant exp and all that yet they are unwilling to give any assistance in this form. I lost ALL epic destiny levels, i paid exp potions to do it and i capped them AFTER they nerfed the challenges because they were giving "to" much exp (thank you to wtvr dimwit pointed this out so they nerfed it /sarcasm). Simlpy put turbinepoints=$ $$=EXP EXPgone trough turbine negligence=theft

This means i can consider this THEFT. The fact they are fine with just letting this slide for well over a month shows me how serious turbine takes it customers. Yes yes people will be all over this, rant rant rant. Put yourselves in my shoes or someone elses that got shafted hardcore.

People keep telling me this is a isolated incident, but over the forums ive seen several people with the issue i have mentioned. I would like to see a headcount of people who actually LOST stuff they paid for, wether it be exp or the prepurchase they paid for but didnt get, anything that can be literally translated to theft. I want to know what has been covered up so far.